DJ Dan Entertainment Christchurch

Why Us

When you're organising an event and looking for a DJ to hire we know you often have plenty to choose from. It can be confusing and tough to pick out the good deejays who make for a memorable occasion to the substandard cowboys that can turn your event into a nightmare. Here are a few reasons DJ Dan is the right choice:

  • Local - We are based right here in the South Island and know the people and what music they're into. We do functions at schools in Christchurch, weddings in Nelson and parties in Dunedin. We provide a personalised, local service you can rely on to get it right and understand what your guests want.
  • Experience - We've been working as deejays since 1994 and have worked lots of functions over the years. We have a great track record and have fine-tuned our service over the years to craft a DJ entertainment package that does everything it should - it's reliable, it's a crowd-pleaser and it will transform your event!
  • Professional - We believe the customer comes first so we listen to you. We won't show up late or force our music preferences on you - it's your event and we respect that. We have the maturity to be professional at all times and work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.
  • Gear - When you've been in business as long as us you understand the importance of using quality gear, gear you can rely on to do the job right. Amps that have enough grunt to work the crowd and reliable enough so they won't blow midway through your event. We also have all the extras such as video screens, bubble machines and light shows to create a total entertainment package.
  • Music - Not only do we have a great selection of music for all occasions, we also have plenty of experience so we know exactly what music to play for your guests, regardless of age or function type. Feel free to discuss your music preferences with us before your event to help shape the playlist.

DJ Dan Why UsIf you're ready to book a professional party DJ, then contact us today!